A software engineer building impactful applications one line at a time

Computer Science Student at SUNY Binghamton. Experience in App Dev, Game Dev, Web Dev, and Robotics.

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Lightweight app made with React.js that tracks progress towards lasting sobriety from addictions.


APT repository app for jailbroken iOS devices.

iOS Calculator

Calculator app made with SwiftUI for iPhone.

Portfolio Website

The website you're looking at!

Twisty Tanks

Multiplayer tank game made with Unity and C#.


A classic toy for kids now modernized and controllable from any bluetooth device.

Flappy Bird

A remake of Flappy Bird written in Unity with C#.

Brick Breaker

A circular brick breaker game written in Unity with C#.


The classic pong game now made in Unity with C#.

One Hour Platformer

Platformer game made in Unity with C# in one hour.